Air Dried Lumber For Furniture

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Air Dried Lumber For Furniture. Air dried lumber is often used in patio furniture fencing and. Time to air dry varies tremendously with the thickness and the species of the lumber as well as the conditions the lumber is dried in.

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I use almost exclusively air dried lumber. When you airdry lumber its not unusual to lose up to 10 percent or more to drying defects. The common practice for drying green lumber to a usable state is to store it properly for approximately 1 year per inch of board thickness.

Lumber at this moisture content is suitable for many construction uses and exterior applications.

Because of the lower moisture content kiln-dried firewood burns cleaner hotter and more efficiently than standard firewood. All together there is over 100000 board feet including. Kiln dried lumber is often used for furniture cabinets and flooring. So if the board needs to be 2 thick the wood has to sit for at least 2 years.